Three Fold Mission

The Foundation of Moms for America is the Declaration of Mothers.

We acknowledge the blessings of liberty can only be secured by a people who recognize their inherent rights have been endowed by their Creator, and not granted by men. Furthermore, these rights can only be upheld by a moral and virtuous people who cherish liberty above comfort and security.

We recognize the self-evident truths and inherent rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness outlined in the Declaration of Independence and secured through the Constitution, first among these being life!

We believe the privilege of living as a free people comes with the price of being a people of faith, virtue, and patriotism—the three pillars of a free society—and that these virtues are best developed and nurtured within the home. Therefore, Moms for America provides encouragement, support, and a variety of resources to families including literature, family enrichment, conferences, and other events and activities promoted through our website, social media and newsletter.