As a mom, you have a fundamental right to direct your child’s education, upbringing, and health care. These rights are being violated in public schools through mask mandates, pornographic sex ed and false race theory endangering the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of our children. Stand for you rights as a mother by signing the Moms for America® Declaration of Mothers here!

Your rights as a parent exist whether a law upholds them or not and yet in the current environment where school officials and health departments are clamoring to usurp those rights, a legal framework gives parents a leg to stand on.  Moms for America® Florida Parents Bill of Rights as model legislation in support of parental rights.


More than ever, parents are experiencing an attack on their rights to direct their child’s education.  There are many options for you as a mom!  You can choose home school, private school, charter school or public school.  And we can brainstorm with you and provide guidance on this important choice.

Still over 90% of kids in the U.S. attend public school.  For those who are keep their kids in public school, we can provide training and mentoring for how to effectively engage with your school officials and your school board, and if you plan to run for school board, and when you win!


Momma bears have risen up like never before to champion the needs and rights of their children for a quality education.  The voice of moms – and dads – is loud and clear, demanding an end to false race theories, pornographic sex education and gender manipulation in the name of choice.  Check out the MomForce resources to become educated on all of the critical issues facing kids and families in public education.  You will learn what your rights are as a parent and how to effectively exercise them, what your educational options are, how to effectively engage with your school board or to run for school board, and how to connect with other moms in your area for encouragement and support.

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