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Pediatrician Dr Moon Lays it out for Physicians everywhere!

The time is now to SPEAK UP, STAND UP, and SAVE OUR COUNTRY! Dr Moon makes her point loud and clear and there’s no way to continue ignoring the obvious.

Doctors are the key to ending this madness surround the Covid protocols and the education system! WE NEED YOU TO BE BRAVE!

Critical thinking and being on the right side of history is mandatory!

Doctor Moon has taken a giant leap and is a national hero to me!

It’s time to face the uncomfortable truth! Dr. Carrie Madej

It’s time to face the uncomfortable truth -all vaccines are poison! Each American is a corporation-property of the government! Shedding is real! How we are being poisoned everyday! CDC, FDA & WHO make patent money off vaccines.

Immortalized (cancer) Fetal cells from live aborted babies. Poisons and toxins purposely put inside vaccines. Pregnancy hormones added to the  Tetanus vax made to sterilize the population

More on becoming a state national and why it’s so important to research and step away from the corporation. 

Vax Shedding is real-You really do produce EMF after vax – learn how to avoid it and what to pay attention to!

Detoxing is critical! We are being poisoned everyday-Carrie speaks to what’s in our food, water and how to get healthier asap!

Pregnant Mama's Beware- Dr. Thorp OB/GYN Explains

Dr. James Thorp- OB/GYN of 43 years takes us on a VERY deep dive unpacking depopulation, pregnancy and the changes he is seeing in his practice!

Learn about the history of the depopulation agenda.  What in the world is going on with the unbelievable rates of miscarriages, menses changes, and fetal deaths as they skyrocket into unprecedented rates after vaccine administered. 

Dr. Thorp pleads for the help of DeSantis and Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo. Tears will be shed during this video- Graphic images and content are displayed- Viewer discretion is advised!